The chevron cardigan “ta da”

I always start making things thinking they won’t take long. Especially when they’re for my little girl. She’s little after all. But to make a cardigan in DK yarn, with colour changes, involves lots of fidgeting about. That and having a problem remaining faithful to one project at a time means that my craft time gets divided. But today I finished my colourful cardigan.


Using Cuddlebums rainbow yarn for my colours, merino/silk with sparkle, and a simple merino/acrylic blend  in navy blue to make the cardigan, I enjoyed almost every moment. The pattern is Mim’s Chevrons by Alice Cochran.  It knit up nicely, a simple stitch pattern that was very easy to remember. The beautiful colours got compliments from almost everyone that saw it.


I bought a light light blue zipper for it and tried to sew it on today. I used a nice long basting stitch on my sewing machine. Just as well because I kept having to unpick it. The knitting kept turning out to be an inch or two longer than the zip. I was disappointed as I liked the light blue but decided to go to Dunelm for another longer zipper, hoping for some nice colours. Nope, not in open ended zips, just white, cream, black, beige and dark blue. I bought a white one. I tried to sew it on and suddenly it seemed that this zip too was too short even though it was actually 2 inches longer than the cardigan before I tried to sew it. When I took it off the machine t was all ruffled I finally realised that I was just stretching out the very flexible handknit as I sewed. I was actually pretty cross I hadn’t realised it before.  I had only sewn a zip onto a handknit once before and I used some light interfacing to help support the fabric.

This picture really captured the sparkle in the yarn

So I cut two strips of black interfacing and ironed them into place. Then I picked up the light blue zip and tried again.  Basting stitches went in perfectly, same on the other side.  I checked it zipped up equally on both sides, yup.  So I sewed it in properly with a 2.6 stitch length, dark blue on top and light blue in the bobbin.

The last job I had to do was sew in some ribbon at the top, to make sure there was no scratchy zip tape annoying my daughter with the sensitive toddler skin.


Irritatingly there is lots of room in the cardigan except the sleeves, they seem a little snug.  I don’t think MB likes the snug sleeves, so we’ll see how that one goes.  I have a bad feeling about this.

ETA Oh my lord. So yes, the sleeves are too snug, so they’re going to have to come out and get reknitted without the decreases. But also on closer inspection I did, in fact, completely miss out a whole yellow stripe on one sleeve. Lastly, I forgot to mention in the post that I didn’t have quite enough purple to complete the sleeves and in the last stripe I used a different colour for each chevron. It didn’t look quite as snazzy as I had imagined so this time I think I’m just going to pick a colour. At the moment I’m thinking the red/pink or light blue.


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