Procrastination and forgetfulness

I had the great idea to make a doll carrier for a friend’s little girl who was turning 4. Her mum has a baby boy who she carries in a baby carrier. So I offered to make a mei tei a suitable size for a baby doll, or teddy, or whatever baby substitute you fancy and mum thought that sounded like a good idea. This was about a month before their birthday. A reasonably short job too, I estimated 3-4 hours at most.

At first it was getting done when I finished MB’s cardigan, then when I finished mum’s jumper (post to follow when it’s been blocked). Then I started a present for someone else. I thought, it will be easier to do this when MB isn’t home, I’ll do it in Thursday when MB is at nursery, then I got caught up in some paperwork I had to do for the next day, never mind says I, I can do it next week. And promptly forgot all about it.

I’m not sure what made me remember, but it popped in my head on Thursday night, that I had not yet made this carrier and the party was today, Saturday.

Yesterday morning I picked some fabric, grabbed MB’s doll pattern to copy the basic shape and some interfacing. I copied the general proportions except that I made the waist strap longer and the panel a little taller and wider. It comes up a bit small on MB and her dolls now. I got all the fabric cut out in an hour and a half.


I had to leave then to do some bits and bobs at my mum’s.  I got it finished later in the evening after about 2.5 hours of work. It would have been even quicker but I kept sewing the straps in wrong.

How not to do it (at this stage the strap should be going the opposite way, towards the panel not away from it)

I could do with an action pic. I may have to ask her mum for one with her face obscured.

Here it is on my cutting mat.


Edited to add:

Here it is, I cropped and added a star to obscure the birthday girl.



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