Making foam shapes from Mister Maker

This was a present from my best friend L for my little girl MB for Christmas. There was actually a number of them and today was the day we had true need of one. We have a lot of craft stuff at home, so we can often make something at a moment’s notice.  MB sees me making things and wants to make things too.  I do struggle with finding the right balance of letting her join in with my projects, letting her mess things up, trying to let her help or be creative without me stressing that it doesn’t look the way it is supposed to.

This kind of pack helped me a lot because it was not my idea. When I have a plan of what I want us to make, I have a clear idea of what it looks like.  This pack was not a plan I came up myself, so it doesn’t matter what she does to it, or doesn’t do to it. Sometimes MB really wants it to be perfect herself, so then she won’t start at all and asks me to do things instead, so I really have to try not to make things neater, or tidier, when she has a good go.

The first thing that we needed to do was cut some templates out, to then draw around them on the foam.  You cut the foam pieces out and decorate them, the bag is filled with sticky backed foam which you can cut up and stick on. MB wanted to start with the car, but once I cut it off the paper the template for the car looked tiny, even in comparison with the house and tree the car looked entirely too small. Luckily I got a printer for Christmas which has a flatbed scanner and I could put the two pieces in and copy it, enlarging it from A5 to A4.


MB also wanted to start with the black foam, so the car was going to have to be black. I cut out the templates and drew around the template on the foam.  MB wanted to do all the foam cutting.  I managed to let her get on with it, but I did have to trim up the shapes afterwards as they would have been unrecognisable, and would not have stood up.

MB Cutting 2MB loves cutting with a passion.  Any reason to get out the scissors, anything she can find that may be suitable for cutting up, packaging, wrapping paper, and even just takeaway leaflets, gets turned into small pieces very quickly.

We decided that we were much better off teaching her how to use a pair of scissors properly rather than trying to control this obsession.  If it follows the pattern of everything else so far, it will fade away as quickly as it arrived, at some point I’ll be wondering why it’s been so long since she asked if she could cut something.

Side note: We were lucky and did well with Peppa Pig, I thought she was going to obsessed like every other child I knew as it’s all I heard about. But she soon got over it once she’d seen all the episodes. She doesn’t enjoy the repeats.  Yay!

I did a lot better not messing with MB doing the decoration parts. I also managed to not insist that her trees be green (that’s a red tree in the pictures). I’m getting there.

I’ve been feeling rotten today with a heavy cold/flu like symptom marlarkey. This killed a couple of hours, with reasonably minimal thought required, which is always a blessing.



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