Starting a project that will take months or years

I decided to make the beekeeper’s quilt. It had been sat in my Ravelry library for a long time. I had even made a few hexipuffs. For non-knitters, or even just for non-ravelry/social media junky knitters, these are hexagonal shaped knitted items filled with stuffing. I designated a project bag for my hexipuffs, then I failed to make another one for at least a year and a half.  For some reason the first two are a lot bigger than the more recent ones.  The recent ones have been done with a few different yarns so not sure what is going on there, I’ve clearly tightened up my tension somewhat.

That’s the larger, older one on the bottom.

Then I bought a yarn advent calendar from Cuddlebums. Each day had a mini skein of yarn and it was in its own little packet, so you opened it just like you’d open a chocolate advent calendar, only it was beautiful hand dyed yarn, so addictive.


I made socks with mine, although I finished the socks before I finished all the yarn from the calendar, so I thought I’d make hexipuffs with the rest. Good plan I thought. Well yes, except that these mini skeins also proved popular with other people so the lovely lady who runs Cuddlebums thought, why not offer a mini skein yarn club and then people can receive a box of these every month? Woohoo says I and dived right in.


Enthusiasm is high right now. I’ve been knitting them on the bus, on my break at work, waiting for MB to go to sleep, even at soft play.

imageI did set myself a target of 10 a month and realised that to get a quilt of any decent size that would take 2-3 years. I guess we’ll just have to see how it goes.

Cuddlebums has a lot to answer for though.  Not only have I begun making hexipuffs for a beekeeper’s quilt, I also signed up for a Rainbow Stripe Blanket Club.  It’s aran weight yarn, merino/nylon blend and oh so beautifully soft. I’m a sucker for rainbows at the best of times, but especially in yarn apparently.  The yarn gets sent once a month and this particular club is designed to run for 12 months.

I even chose the big box.  This was largely because the last time I made a blanket I seriously underestimated how much more yarn crocheting takes up than knitting and ended up with a lap blanket, when really I wanted one to snuggle right under.  This one, I was determined, will be plenty big enough.  It is a lot of yarn to knit, while making hexipuffs, and birthday presents and other whatnots. I didn’t think to take a picture of January’s yarn while it was still in the box, or even still in skeins.  It’s all wound into balls now, well 3 of them, the fourth one is already knit up.  Here it is so far

Blanket Club knitting as at 15-2-16

Blanket Club knitting as at 15-2-16


These two balls are left to knit.  The two main issues I’m considering are whether or not I have cast on too many stitches, it may end up a bit narrow and also the time it takes to knit each row.  The plain garter stitch rows were about 20 minutes each. I’m on the second row of that pattern and that is taking an age, hopefully it will speed up when the pattern is set.


I am excited to see the lovely yarns arrive again next month and I’m hoping to have these ones all knitted up by then. Once again, we shall see.


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