Maeva socks – Ta da

So Ravelry told me just now that I have been knitting these socks since February 9th. Maeva. Sometimes adding your project as soon as you cast on can be a bad thing. It’s taken me how long to knit these socks!? Okay, okay so there was 200g of yarn knitted from my rainbow stripes club. And there was  8 mini skeins knitted into hexipuffs this month (2 puffs per 5g skein), plus 3 puffs from other 4 ply yarn, that’s 19 puffs in February. But still I thought the socks would be quicker.

Today, as I write this, it is L’s birthday. I’m lucky she loves me as I think I’ve sent her two presents on time in the last 12 years. Her socks are currently laid out on the dining room table. I haven’t got socks blockers so I’ve just arranged them into the right shape. I’ll post them as soon as they’re dry. Hopefully L will send me a picture of the socks on her feet. Then I’ll update this post and pop it on the blog.

I really enjoyed knitting these socks, for a few days, in the middle. The first week or two was a series of false starts. I just kept making errors in the cabling, which was going about as slowly as it could.  Things improved when I had to put in a lifeline, running a thread through a row so that I could drop it back without losing stitches in the wrong place. I only used it once though so maybe I had just finally got the hand of the cabling without a cable needle but somehow it went on swimmingly from then. I was really enjoying watching the pattern emerge. It’s a beautiful shape. I also quite liked the zauberball yarn I chose, in the Cranberry colourway. L always used to like purple/lilac the very most but recently announced that these days she’s more inclined to red. Oh. Right. I wasn’t sure that it was in the rules that you were allowed to change your favourite colour in your thirties. This yarn then, with its red and purple twists, seemed perfectly symbolic as a birthday present for a woman happy to accept new truths about herself at her new grand old age. (I only say that as now she’s the same age as me again).


L has the tiniest feet. I have absolutely no way of checking if these socks are the right size, except the pattern’s guidance, as I know no one with feet that size to try them on. Crossing my fingers.

UPDATED 14/03/2016 – and ready to publish. I posted the socks on Saturday and L received them today and sent me a picture.  Perfect, they fit.

Maeva Socks on feet

When I wrote this post originally on 6 March I thought the socks were finished, but the top of the sock was doing that roll that stocking stitch likes to do.  The reason was that the pattern had the socks another inch or two taller, they were already significantly longer than shop bought socks. I saw the charts for the top and lazily just cursorily glanced over them and assumed they continued in pattern, barring an increase in width and I cast them off. But no, the top of the chart included some rows with a moss stitch rib pattern. I thought that if they were mine I would not be bothered by the roll but that as L wasn’t a knitter I better undo it, it would just bother her. I cut some yarn and undid a couple of rows, picked up the now live stitches and knitted in the rib pattern.  It looked quite nice actually.  I laid out the socks and gave the ribbing a spritz and left it to dry, worked lovely.

The next project is a present too, so there may be some silence on that for a while. Next post will be a blanket update though.




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