Lets start at the very beginning

After all, as pretty much everyone knows, it’s a very good place to start.  But when one begins a blog, what do we say that hasn’t been said many times before? I decided that the answer is not to worry about what others have said before.  This blog is for me to record the things that I make and share those things with others who may find it interesting. That will make me happy

Over the last couple of years I have kept a list of the things that I have made on EverNote. It’s really fun to look back over the list and see how many things I made, it’s always more than I thought.  Somehow having a long list of projects that I want to make always leaves me feeling that I’m running behind and I am not quick enough.  I will add a post for each of the two years that I have recorded.  Having at least one post for each project will be great, a big step up and to have a picture record of each item will make me very happy.

The other thing that has happened over the last few years has been discovering blogs in the first place.  I am well aware that I am somewhat late to the party.  Many blogs that I read have been going for years.  Some blogs I discovered just before the people writing them seemed to get bored and moved away from the platform.  Lots refer to their instagram feed, where they post a lot more.  This makes me a little sad, I like reading the blogs.  My best friend, L, started a blog about her hunt for a job.  It was great, we live quite far apart and to get regular updates on what she was doing was precious. By the time she found I job I was already had quite a list of blogs I was reading and was pretty hooked.

Some of the craft blogs that I follow do things like link parties and share their projects with each other.  Sew a longs, knit a longs, making things according to a theme, they all seem like fun to join in and this year I am going to try to.  This is definitely a secondary goal though, so we shall see.

I have three knitting projects on the go, a cardigan, a jumper and the very beginnings of a Bee Keeper’s Quilt. I’m hoping to manage a blog post at least each time I finish a project. If you don’t know me and have stumbled upon this blog, thanks for reading.  If you do know me, hi!




A cardigan of many colours

I knitted my little girl a beautiful romper suit. It was fabulously colourful and suited the dark hair with which she was born.

It took me ages and I weaved in many ends. My husband, the Tall One, put it in the washing machine and felted it. Luckily for him she’d nearly outgrown it. Also, it now fits her dolls perfectly, so it is enjoying a second, far longer life.

I knit her a beautiful rainbow hooded jacket with cables. It was pretty popular.

At first she wasn’t as keen as I’d have liked, until I realised that the zip she’d requested scratched her neck as she wore it. I sewed on some ribbon over the scratchy ends. It got a year’s wear before the Tall One decided to put it in the washing machine and felted it.

He swore he would not touch any of the woollen things ever again. As much as I dislike housework, this particular declaration could only make me happy.

So I’m risking another one, with the same merino/silk yarn I made the hooded jacket.


Wish me luck.