A cardigan of many colours

I knitted my little girl a beautiful romper suit. It was fabulously colourful and suited the dark hair with which she was born.

It took me ages and I weaved in many ends. My husband, the Tall One, put it in the washing machine and felted it. Luckily for him she’d nearly outgrown it. Also, it now fits her dolls perfectly, so it is enjoying a second, far longer life.

I knit her a beautiful rainbow hooded jacket with cables. It was pretty popular.

At first she wasn’t as keen as I’d have liked, until I realised that the zip she’d requested scratched her neckĀ as she wore it. I sewed on some ribbon over the scratchy ends. It got a year’s wear before the Tall One decided to put it in the washing machine and felted it.

He swore he would not touch any of the woollen things ever again. As much as I dislike housework, this particular declaration could only make me happy.

So I’m risking another one, with the same merino/silk yarn I made the hooded jacket.


Wish me luck.